Course 5 - Course for Professional Dog Groomers

The 10, 20, 35 or 50 Day Course

You can choose to take one of these dog grooming course for professional dog groomers with no City and Guilds qualification.

  • 10 days - This covers health and safety, animal welfare, ear and nail care, bathing, and drying. This is popular with dog walkers and sitters.


  • 20 days - This course gives you the skills and knowledge to be able to successfully prepare, bath and dry a range of dogs. You will learn how to rough clip and trim a dog’s feet and tails, and how to safely handle the dogs in your care.


  • 35 days - This course allows you to learn, practice and become competent in the skills required for a commercial dog groomer, including clipping, scissor use and techniques, body, feet, tail and head shapes and styles, hand-stripping, and a whole lot more.


  • 50 days - This course combines the contents of those mentioned above.

You will also be required to take the Theory Course which is appropriate to your chosen course.

On successful completion, you will receive the Abbfabb Certificate in Professional Dog Grooming. Please note that if you choose this option you will still be required to complete our theory course.

If you decide that you would like to add the City and Guilds Levels qualifications, you can enroll during the first 10 days of your course.


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