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Southern England
I can’t emphasise enough on how important it is not only getting trained, but getting the correct training. When starting out on your own it is very scary, having to make decisions on what blade or style to go with on your own, with no one to put right your mistakes….. but when you have had the correct training you find yourself reverting back on what you have learned and the methodical way in how the process is carried out. One of my personal favourites of AbbFabb Academy of Dog Grooming Training is, the importance on the welfare of the dogs that are in your care. I can’t recommend this training school enough for anyone looking to start or retrain in a new career.
Southwest, UK
In 2017 I turned 40 and made a life changing decision to follow my dream future to work with animals. I missed being around them and was finding my current job being a delivery driver was not fulfilling and the training and knowledge I had gained over the years before was wasted. I researched Abbfabb and found it had amazing reviews and after an induction day realised it could be possible to train whilst I worked full time to pay my bills. It could not have been a more perfect course. Eve and her tutors know exactly how to help you through each day and progress to a level you thought was impossible. I used my holiday entitlement to attend the training every Thursday for my practical days and my evenings and weekends to watch the D.V.D’s and keep on top of my theory work assignments. The more I watched and studied it became clearer and my confidence grew. In December 2018 I found the perfect location to set up my own salon and by March 2019 I had a fully insured and equipped salon open. By May 2019 I found I had enough confidence and wanted to give the salon 100% so I handed my notice into my full-time job. On 11th on May I took my final exam and I can honestly say I was looking forward to it without a single worry about my ability and hands down I am so proud of myself. This course and its lay out enables you to take the time and learn in stages that suited everyone. Things that I struggled with became easy and I the assignments are something that helped me with the background to the industry that I am now confident in and will be keeping to look back on. I can't thank Eve and her team enough for making my dream a reality and working in a world I love and look forward to every morning now with some lovely new friends supporting me all the way.
Dublin, ROI
Eve was flown over to Dublin to do some tutor training with myself and a colleague in September 2016 for a week. We have worked with her regularly ever since. The level of detail and the standards to which Eve works is incredible. I learnt so much both practically and theoretically from her, it was truly invaluable. The main thing I have taken from working with Eve over the past 2 years however, is the confidence she has given me in my work. This is the kind of thing you cannot put a price on and you certainly don't receive with all tuition. I never thought I would have the confidence to do my City and Guilds exams, however after working under Eve I went ahead and did my Introductory Diploma and then completed the Full Level 3 Diploma. Working with Eve has completely changed my career and how I value my work and my business. I would highly recommend undertaking training at Eves school to anyone considering it, in my opinion she is the absolute best in the business.
Debbie C
Plymouth, UK
I am so glad that I chose Abbfabb Academy to train for my City & Guilds level 3 in dog grooming. Not only did I enrol on a grooming course, I feel that I have been on a personal development course too. I have gained more than I ever imagined - Confidence, Passion, lifelong friends and achieved goals that I thought were out of reach. The standard of training is very high and thorough. Hands on teaching, in a working salon is amazing, giving a true insight into the world of dog grooming. All of the tutors have their own Grooming Businesses, and are able to pass on knowledge and experiences of owning their own salons. I trained 2 days a week to fit into my family lifestyle. Since completing the course, I am excited about my future and have belief in my abilities. I can't thank Eve and her team enough. Eve has passed on her passion for the welfare of dogs to all her pupils, we can make dogs look beautiful but we always have dogs welfare at the heart of what we do. Every dog needs an Abbfabb trained groomer!
Southwest, UK
Signing up for the Level 3 Introductory Dog Grooming course at Abbfabb was the best thing I could ever have done. Being a mature student I have been able to take the course at my own pace and it has enabled me to work whilst I was learning. The standards expected at Abbfabb are extremely high which is exactly how I like things to be as it encourages students to always achieve their potential. I found Eve Somers and the Abbfabb tutors to be to extremely encouraging and always available to advice and support. I now have my own business and I have a career that I wish I started years ago. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.
Southwest, UK
To whom it may concern, I started at Abbfabb Academy in 2013. During my first 6 months I became ill and had to take time off. Eve supported me through this very difficult time and attended the college when I could. I cannot thank Eve Somers enough for supporting me through my training and my illness, she is an amazing tutor who is on hand at all times.
Wales, UK
Abbfabb by name, Abbfabb by nature. It is often said that people who are good at what they do make it seem effortless, and this is certainly true of Eve and her team, who effortlessly turn out beautiful looking dogs with irritating regularity. It is reassuring to now that you are in such good hands and even more so, hand that have been through the same process you are about to embark upon. Abbfabb is thorough and ordered, and places as much emphasis on building up ones theoretical knowledge as becoming a good practical groomer. The atmosphere in the salon is one of relaxed cheeriness and enjoying what you learning is paramount. That isn’t to say that things aren’t taken seriously, but education that is always delivered in a serious fashion will have people questioning why they are doing it! The tutors themselves all run their own successful business and are always happy to answer any questions relating to how to go about running a grooming business. There also a collection of recently qualified previous students who help the tutors on busy days. They are hugely valuable insight into the problems you might face along your journey through the course, as well as providing a light at the end of what can seem like, a very long and daunting tunnel! All these things make for a very well rounded dog grooming courses that turns out groomers who are armed with the necessary knowledge and skill to succeed in the grooming industry.
Southwest, UK
I joined Abbfabb Academy for dog grooming training in July 2013 after finding the course information online. It was clear and inviting, but also had everything on offer that I was looking for; flexibility, a professional recognised qualification and experienced tutoring from a hands on groomer. I had looked into many different grooming courses both at college and online; but had difficulty finding one that would fit around my busy business and personal life. I contacted Eve online and was promptly offered to come and view the salon and visited for an informal chat about what they offered at the salon and what the course included, I instantly felt at ease and very interested in the course. After talking with the staff members and students I could see it was a very busy working salon and involved a lot of hard work and hands on experience which was what I was looking for in a course rather than being sat in a class room learning from books which from past experience is not for me. I enrolled on the course the following day and initially started doing 3 days a week. I soon found myself to Be getting busier at home and spoke to Eve about my course days; she was happy to alter them and reduced my days down to 2 per week. The flexibility of the course has meant that I still had time to run my own business at home as well as still getting the quantity training at the college. Once I was confident I started grooming in my own salon and again reduced my days further; to 1 day per week so I could expand at home and concentrate on establishing my own salon. This was encouraged and support offered throughout with advice and information to help all aspects. I was invited to grooming seminars and training days which helped my knowledge of dog grooming and business management; I also helped run a stall at Crufts 2014 which was something I had always wanted to do. I enjoyed the experience of the showing world and seeing all the quality trims on different breeds. I also spoke to members of the public about the course and was happy and confident to express my feeling to them and recommended the course highly. I finished my 45 days training and was offered by Eve to help with training some of the new students. I was anxious about this but was guided through and soon built up the confidence to work with the students and show them what I had learned during my time training. I have been offered a placement to come back to the salon and hope that I will always be a member of the Abbfabb team. The support and encouragement is never ending and it has given me the motivation to expand my own salon. I now run my own busy salon; am confident to groom all breeds on my own to a high standard; have a good client turn over and am highly recommended in my area. I am now also looking to employing staff and relocating to expand my business further which is something I feel would have been unachievable without the constant guidance and support from all at the grooming school. I would recommend Abbfabb to anyone who doesn’t learn from books and who prefers to learn by hands on methods and step by step guidance. You are treated as an individual and noticed for hard work, determination, passion and talent. The course is flexible, informative, professional and friendly. Enrolling in the course was the best decision I ever made and I would like to thank Eve and the other team members for their part in making my dog grooming business a complete success. Thank you team Abbfabb.
Southwest, UK
To Eve… Thank you for your patience, your knowledge, your incredible hard work, your passion and for inspiring me to do well and be so passionate about what I love. Dogs are the most incredible creatures and I feel honoured to work with them now everyday and forever. Lots of love.
Devon, UK
I chose Abbfabb to train and it was the best decision I ever made! The course Is thorough and covers every aspect of dog grooming, I did 2 days a week enabling me to continue to work along side doing the course. Having now finished I feel very confident in the job and I am working towards doing my Diploma in dog grooming aswell! The experiences I have had with the team at Abbfabb have been amazing, training in a proper grooming salon really gives you an insight into what the job entails. I have opened my own successful business now and I couldn’t have done it without the support and knowledge from Eve and her team! Thank you!
Devon, UK
I started my city and guilds level 3 dog grooming training at AbbFabb in November 2017 after my dad found the course on line. I looked at lots of different courses and colleges for dog grooming but after phoning AbbFabb and then visiting them for the day I decided they were the best for me and had the most to offer. Training is of a very high standard and very thorough, it is hands on training which was good for me. Eve and the staff always support, guide and encourage you and give you the confidence to do well. I have enjoyed this course so much and have been coming back to help in-between starting up my own dog grooming business. Thank you everyone for all your help and knowledge and also thank you Eve so much for being amazing with me especially after my little wobble at the beginning of the course and making me realise I could do this, my confidence has grown so much because of you. I would definitely recommend AbbFabb Academy of dog grooming training as one of the very best.
Southwest, UK
Joining Abbfabb was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I felt anxious walking in on the first morning but was made to feel very welcome and left with a big smile, I couldn't wait for my next day and everyday after that. Eve and her very experienced team make you feel like part of a family, whilst giving you the skills to become a confident and competent groomer. I have loved every second. Thank you Eve and team.
Devon, UK
I have just completed my c & g intro level 3 dog grooming course at Abbfabb Academy of dog grooming as a mature student.......I made an initial enquiry more than a year before I actually enrolled and spoke to Eve Somers who gave me all the facts and information about  the amount of work and commitment involved. For various reasons it took me a year to take the plunge and I haven't looked back since. The academy's approach to learning is methodical and although a lot of the theory of the course is taught during the practical sessions with some 'workshop' days, it is mainly focused on student research, and I have to say that this way of learning  really, really works. By researching yourself, the knowledge learned seems to be retained much better. Eve, and her tutors commitment to their students is amazing  bringing out skills that we didn’t know we had. There aim is to give them the competence, confidence and all round skills to be successful in the grooming world. The course teaches you above and beyond the necessary exam syllabus giving you a good grounding knowledge, not just about grooming an animal but also, their health, how to spot signs of ill health, health & safety and working in a commercial salon.  Each tutor, whilst teaching the exact same methods,  have their own unique set of skills. I would highly recommend Abbfabb academy to any one who wants  not just a career in grooming but a supporting family that stretches far beyond just learning all over the world. I know that I have made some lifelong friends through my time there and even though I have completed my course I still belong to the Abbfabb family. If you are thinking about joining, just do it!!.. It’s the best thing I did.
Mumbai, India
Abbfabb has been the best thing that happened to me this year. I have been grooming dogs and cats for a while so I got in touch with Eve Somers and told her my weak areas and wanted to focus on that. The way the course was designed for me was fantastic. It was way more than I expected. The team of teachers is excellent. Their methods and techniques are precise. Best of all the Abbfabb scissors are fantastic and a great investment. Cannot thank her enough.
Surrey, UK
When I began my training at Abb Fabb Academy, I had researched dog grooming enough to know that I was beginning a change of life - not a change of job. This was not something you did to pay the bills - not a 9 to 5 and forget about it. It had to be a passion. I had the passion - but I knew I had (still have - always!) a huge learning curve ahead of me. Abb Fabb's tutors and training methods gave this 'hands on learner' the very best route, not just to completing my City & Guilds qualification - but to feeling qualified (two very different things!). I got to experience grooming in a real salon, with superb tuition and explanation of the underpinning theory every step of the way - until I was ready to groom solo! Because I am a mature learner, who needed to juggle work and childcare around my training, Eve tailored a flexible training plan that worked with my day to day commitments perfectly. I'm now in a position to move to full time grooming - with confidence! I can never thank Eve and her fantastic tutors enough for all their patience and teaching skill - my experience training at Abb Fabb has been no less than life changing - I am so very glad my research led me to Callington for my training!' With much love and thanks again, Miriam xxx
Surrey, UK
Choosing Abbfabb Academy to train with was the best thing I could have done, the trainers have given me the practical and theory experience that I required whilst working within my own busy business week. The confidence I have built up over the training period is coming through and I look forward to opening my own salon alongside the animal boarding business which I run. Abbfabb is professional and pleasant place to train, with lots of advice and true emphasis on walking before you can run. Giving you confidence at each stage of the grooming process. I truly have loved my time training with this organisation and will endeavour to project their professionalism in my own grooming in the future. Thank you Abbfabb.
Wales, UK
I had been looking for a few months for a course and at first I dismissed this one due to the distance I needed to travel from West Wales. But after doing extensive research and visiting a couple of other training courses I realised how much Abbfabb had to offer, so I called Eve and ended up going down for a day to visit. As soon as I met Eve I was introduced to the students and was shown around the salon and I was made to feel right at home immediately. We had a thorough chat of what I wanted to achieve from the course and how the academy could help me in the best possible way. After the visit it was a very easy decision to make. I didn’t need the 4 and a half hour drive home to make it. I found the course very informative and learned so much, all of the tutors where very knowledgeable and gave me the confidence to go on and start my own business. A course that always put me, the student first, and always wanting the best out of me. As I am writing this I’m in floods of happy tears I never thought that this course meant so much to me. I want to give thanks to all the tutors and other students for being truly amazing people and special thanks you Eve Somers for helping to change my life. I have made some true lifetime friends. Highly recommend this course to anyone!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would.
Southwest, UK
I have just completed my City and Guilds Introductory Level 3 course, and would like to thank Eve Somers and all her staff at Abbfabb Academy of Training in Callington, Cornwall for all their patience, care and help that I received. I cannot praise Eve and her staff enough. I entered this course with trepidation being low on moral and confidence, but with their training and help I found my confidence growing, I loved every minute and every nano second of this course and found myself dreading the end. Eve and her staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the training I received was to the highest standard, and nothing is ever overlooked. The course is highly flexible and can be fitted around your job and other family commitments/lifestyle, Eve bends over backwards to accommodate your needs. So you want to be a dog groomer……… then this is the place to be. Once again Eve, Kirstan, Vendy a huge thankyou.
Dear Eve, I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to come here and study under you. It has been an amazing experience and I could not have picked a better school to attend. The Abbfabb family has open arms and made me part of it and I am so grateful. I cannot express how much you support and tough (soft) love has been so important to me succeeding. You are such a beautiful person and I am honoured to have attended your school. I am going to miss you and I wont forget your tickets to Bermuda.

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